Toiing Party in a Box The Ultimate Party Starter Kit for a Birthday Party


  • An elaborate party packed in a neat little box simply open the box to get a super-fun party started, includes 15 exciting funtivities and all the material required for these, the party games are a good mix of team and individual activities as well as high energy and quiet activities
  • Comes with a free virtual host called party animal in the form of a YouTube track to handle the enthusiastic bunch of kids
  • Pick and choose the activities you want to have based on the age group and interest of the kids and play the virtual host track for the selected activities
  • Includes specially designed whacky photo props for a memorable photo session and a surprise gift
  • Accompanied with a complete party checklist so you don’t miss anything important for your party big or small
  • Toiing party in a box the ultimate party starter kit for a birthday party with 15 games and activities for up to 20 children between ages 3 and 8



The essence of a birthday party is about having fun with friends and family over party games. It’s this time they spend together that will become a long-cherished memory. Over time, party games have taken a back-seat to magicians and jugglers who put up a predictable show. To bring back the real fun of a party, while keeping it extremely convenient for you, we’ve put together an entire party in a box.

This includes 15 fun, thought-out party games and activities which you can choose from base on the age groups and interests of your little guests. A virtual host in the form of a pre-recorded audio clip runs the entire party for you. The photo props ensure the little ones have memorable whacky photos to look back to. The party-checklist ensures you don’t miss out the finer details amidst your busy schedule. This is the one-stop, zero-hassle shop for children’s birthday parties; so just sit back, relax and just open the flap to get the party rolling!

Creating everyday moments of togetherness that are unique to your parenting style

Parenthood is a journey, not a destination. It is not something you accomplish by pulling an all-nighter or hustling your way through but nurture one moment at a time – each day, every day. We believe that little, shared moments, more than grand gestures, lay the foundation of a cherished relationship and we are here to help create those for you. We understand your struggle to juggle your career, your family, your health and your interests and your desire to excel at them too. In the commotion that is your everyday life, we make it simpler for you to steal away a few moments of shared joy with your children doing something unique to your parenting style and truly enjoyable yet meaningful at its core.

Hassle-free fun

We know there’s a lot on your mind. While it is one of the most anticipated, exciting events of the year for the kids, birthday parties can also be one of the most dreaded for the parents given the sheer amount of time and effort it involves. To make sure that the real fun of the party is taken care of, we have put everything you need to conduct a super-fun party for up to 20 kids. Planned out with a logical order and a good mix of games and activities for different age groups, this is as hassle-free as it gets!

All-inclusive pack: just open and party!

No more running around looking for party games or Googling away to figure out how to keep a bunch of energetic kids engaged! This nifty little box has all the material you need to host a party of up to 20 kids and you can pick and choose from the 15 funtivities given – just open the box, play the virtual host and let the party begin!

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