Toiing Doodletoi Return Gift Combo – 10 Packs of Magical Colourful Scratch Art Drawing Papers (1 Pack = 3 Sheets)


  • A discounted combo of 10 packs, each pack contains 3 sheets of doodletois and a wooden stylus
  • These magical sheets feature exciting colours hidden beneath a black coating, simply doodle or draw on it to reveal magical colours
  • The wooden stylus is easy for young boys and girls to use as a tool to draw on the sheets – just like drawing with a pencil
  • It’s an excellent medium for creative kids who enjoy art, craft and painting kits to enhance their imagination
  • Works perfectly as a return gift in birthday parties for children above 3 years of age where traditional gifts like tiffins and compass boxes have become all too common



Let your child’s imagination run wild with our Doodletoi- Magical colorful scratch art drawing papers. Drawing does not get any more fun than this use the wooden stylus as a pencil and watch the drawing come to life in different colours. Make a sketch or a multi-coloured design, the magical appeal of these colorful sheets is not fading any time soon.

Creating everyday moments of happiness

Creating everyday moments of togetherness that are unique to your parenting style

Parenthood is a journey, not a destination. It is not something you accomplish by pulling an all-nighter or hustling your way through but nurture one moment at a time – each day, every day. We believe that little, shared moments, more than grand gestures, lay the foundation of a cherished relationship and we are here to help create those for you. We understand your struggle to juggle your career, your family, your health and your interests and your desire to excel at them too. In the commotion that is your everyday life, we make it simpler for you to steal away a few moments of shared joy with your children doing something unique to your parenting style and truly enjoyable yet meaningful at its core.

Toiing• Keeps children engaged creatively

wodden stylus


Outlet for creativity:

You probably already know this one but it needs to be mentioned. Doodling offers your child’s mind an opportunity to express itself in a creative way. Every line drawn or sketched should be thought of as an extension of your child’s artistic side

Improves :

Contrary to popular belief, doodling doesn’t distract. It helps stay engaged and alert. According to research, doodling helps improve concentration as it prevents your child from daydreaming.

Improves Focus

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