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Terra Loop: All-in-One Educational Activity Kit


  • Multi-format Kit – Learn all about Grade 3 Numbers & Operations through games, application practice books, visual concept guides and flash cards. Kids will enjoy every minute of all these activities.
  • Develop Multiple Skills – With over 300 hours of repeatable activities, acquire and master 15 different academic concepts, life skills and moral values. This is one kit to rule them all!
    • Understand the value of money and the importance of saving money!
    • Develop and improve mental maths, logical reasoning, critical thinking and social skills.
    • Learn and practice operations with numbers and be introduced to concepts of money.
  • Popular at home or in school – This STEM kit is just as effective in the classroom to develop cognitive ability and peer learning as it is with the family to reduce screen time and improve social interactions.

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With Terra Loop: All-in-One Educational Activity Kit, take your child on an educational adventure like never before. Enjoy with them as they traverse through various lands collecting a precious ancient currency. See them master operations with numbers and money right before your eyes!

The Educational Activity Kit includes the Terra Loop board game and interactive books with real-life scenarios to improve their application and conceptual knowledge. Also included are game-based flashcards with a Magic Glass to bring out the inner spymaster in them and revise the topic entirely!

This kit is perfect to get them off screens and develop multiple skills. It will get them to love maths and the entire family can be an active part in their educational journey. With Luma, go beyond academics and add WOW to learning!

Academic Skills:

  • 4-digit numbers
  • Operations with numbers
  • Word Problems
  • Patterns
  • Money

Life Skills:

  • Mental Maths
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Creativity

Moral Values:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Respect for opponents
  • Importance of human relationships
  • Helping and caring for others

What’s Inside the box

  • 1 Terra Loop Board Game
  • 1 Building Blocks Concept Book
  • 2 Thematic Apply Books for Practice
  • 30 Topic Flashcards
  • 10 Application Flashcards
  • 1 Magic Glass (TM)
  • 1 Mentor Guidebook
  • 1 Reusable Rough Pad
  • Add-ons and stationery

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