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Funskool Jenga Tube Pack


  • This is one game that children and adults can play together, has no learning curve and never gets old or boring
  • This is the blockbuster of all stacking games, the original wood block game
  • The rules are simple enough for the whole family to play: Just stack the blocks into a tower without letting it fall
  • It’s fun for all ages too, as some blocks from the bottom of the tower are pulled to make it taller
  • Who will make the tower fall, great for family game night



It’s All About Balancing

Here’s a fun twist to the classic stacking game. The Funskool Jenga tube pack is a complete family entertainer game that you can enjoy with your kids. This game does not aim to educate children and does not require any particular skills. Touted to be the ruling game among all stacking block games, the Jenga game pack is considered as one of the first wood block games. Jenga is played with a total of 54 wood blocks, stacked together to form a tall tower. Once the tower is built, each player is required to remove a block without disrupting the tower and that’s when the fun begins.

A Fun Family Affair

The Funskool Jenga game has a loading tray that can be used to form the tower, which has eighteen levels of three blocks each. Once set, any number of players can be included in the game. Each player is required to remove any one block with each turn without disrupting the tower. The one who manages to remove every block without letting the tower fall is declared the winner. The Funskool Jenga block game helps build concentration and is considered as a fun game for family game nights or get-together.

Jenga Tube Pack

Edge Of Your Seat Fun! Buy the latest version of the classic wood block game, Jenga, that comes in a tube packaging for better storage and portability. Let your family bond together, and refresh themselves at the end of the day by stacking blocks, building towers, and competing to win by unstacking the blocks.

  • Brand: Funskool
  • Type: Wood block game
  • Recommended Age: All age groups
  • Ideal for: Boys and girls
  • Includes: 54 wood blocks, loading tray
  • A family entertainer

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